Carbon steel pan perfection? De Buyer Mineral B...

CHSeifert | Jun 12, 201706:55 PM

So I was dumping the idea of a carbon steel frying pan/skillet as it has to be seasoned to work well and can't be washed with soap, as soap will strip the seasoning. Not good for an OCD guy like me.......

But my father use a non stick pan each morning for bacon & eggs and he was getting tired of having to exchange his Scanpan yearly (he takes deglazing a pan to a new level of roughness)

He has absolutely ZERO OCD, so he must be the perfect candidate for a carbon steel pan. Hence I bought him a De Buyer Mineral B 28 cm pan.

I helped him with the seasoning, and learned him the guidelines to get the most out of the pan.

It took 6-8 seasonings on the stove and 2 cycles in the oven, using walnut oil as seasoning oil.

I visit my father once a week and cook for him.
First usage the pan excelled.
My father used the pan the following day and eggs did stick a bit. Bacon was seared to perfection.

He follows the De Buyers instructions.
No soap. No soaking of the pan.
No acids. No overly rough cleaning.
Deglaze pan after usage. Dry clean with paper. Add a drop of oil, wipe the pan clean. Put it away.

Now 3+ months later, and my father has used it daily.

I use it weekly.

Conclusion: Best Pan Ever (for the price)

You can't beat it.

I own several Mauviel, Demeyere, Le Creuset and Staub pans.
For the price, the De Buyer Mineral B is the perfect all round frying pan.

I preferably sear steaks/meat in it. PERFECTION.

But you can cook everything in it. Because you can't clean it thoroughly I would avoid cooking smelly things in it, like fat fish (salmon), but the pan master everything.

I'm so impressed that I just bought 2 De Buyer Mineral B 32 cm pans, one for my father and one for my girl friend.

I will use both pans. And enjoy it.

Is it as non stick as the best non stick pans ?
No, not at first.
But after 20-30 times of daily cooking, it becomes more and more non stick.

It heats up reasonably fast, but copper and PLY are much faster.
It retains heat very well, but cast iron retains heat better.

It sears very evenly.
The handle only gets a little bit hot.

The pan is very thick, yet it weighs only 75% of similar sized pan in cast iron.

Rating overall: 9.5 / 10

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