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Caramel Peach Ice Cream report--a mixed result


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Caramel Peach Ice Cream report--a mixed result

LindaMc | Sep 2, 2005 10:09 AM

Having heard of, but not tasted, this flavor, I was keen to try it. Following the advice of (I think) curiousbaker from a previous post, I made a caramel sauce first, using a recipe from a pastry course I took last year at the CIA. I can post the formula if anyone is interested. I tried to make the caramel on the bitter side, since I like that flavor. I also added some salt.

I then made a Philadelphia-style peach ice cream, using about 3 c peaches, 2 c cream, 1 c whole milk, 1 egg, 1/2 c sugar, a spoonful of vanilla and a drop of almond extract. I warmed the peaches first with a bit of sugar, then added the juice and about half of the peaches to the cream mixture.

After chilling, I ran the cream mix through my machine for a little over 20 minutes, then mixed in the rest of the peaches and the caramel by hand.

Results: This methodology worked--caramel sauce is a great addition. But the result was a bit sweet for me, without a strong note of peach. And my efforts to make the caramel less cloying did not seem to help much. My husband, who has a fierce sweet tooth, loved it.

I'm not sure what, if anything, I can do to tone down the sweetness. The problem might have been that peaches in our area (Washington DC) are not as flavorful as they were a few weeks ago--I was tasting all the way through the process and the flavor seemed a bit muted. I tried to balance with the almond extract, but I am not a huge fan of this and don't like it as an identifiable flavor in the final product. Maybe I should have added some lemon juice, but I was afraid the lemon would overwhelm the peaches.

I plan to try this approach again with some nice tart apples soon--I think that combination might work better. In the meantime, if ice cream obssessed hounds have any thoughts, I'd welcome them.

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