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Caputo Cheese and Clydes Delicious Donuts


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Caputo Cheese and Clydes Delicious Donuts

Ann Fisher | Nov 26, 2003 11:39 PM

I don't know why Ed and I decided to go shopping the day before Thanksgiving when Uncle Bob is cooking (thank you Uncle Bob) but I had the day off and it seemed the thing to do. We started at Caputo Cheese (I feel like breaking into my Julie Andrews mode here--"a very good way to start"). Considering that all I really needed to buy was some fennel and some apples and some p-r for a friend, and considering how cheap everything at Caputo's is, it's interesting that I managed to spend $82. But I digress. There in the Focacceria were these brown flat boxes of donuts, labeled 3/$1. That's 3 BOXES for $1. No indication of what sort of donuts, or even how many, and the boxes were sealed with tearable cardboard strips like a fedex box so you couldn't check. I resisted, but as I was checking out I realized that Ed had snuck a box into our cart. The checkout clerk was surprised that I was only buying one box.
It turned out that our 34 cents had purchased a half dozen very large glazed donuts, courtesy of Clyde's Delicious Donuts, established 1920, Addison, IL. Now maybe it was because they were so fresh, or maybe because I'm so inclined to like anything I buy at Caputo cheese, but they really seemed just about perfect. More substance than a Krispy Kreme, not as cloying as a Dunkin. And, as my mathematical son pointed out, less than 6 cents a donut--and that's retail!
The modest Clydes website says that they make a million donuts a week--"Chicago's oldest and largest donut manufacturer" (sic). That's a lot of donuts. So I suppose these are the donuts served in breakfast houses all over the Chicago area? Any other info out there?
And for anyone who is looking for the perfect Thanksgiving ciabatta (3 loaves for a dollar), Caputo's Cheese will be open tomorrow morning, something like 8 to 1.


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