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Captain's tip?


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Captain's tip?

adamclyde | Oct 5, 2005 07:57 AM

this was the first time I experienced this...

I went to a restaurant in Greenwich, ct. It was a fairly nice restaurant - but definitely not a black tie sort of place.

When I got the bill, there were two lines for tips. the first was "waiter's tip" second was "Captain's tip." I've never seen that. Is this common?

Second, who the heck is the "Captain"? The maitre'd? I don't think I even saw the maitre'd there.

Third, how much is he/she looking for a tip?

Fourth, is it necessary to really tip the captain? I mean, come on... I generously tipped the waiter. But since I was baffled with the second tip, I left it blank. Am I a hopeless cheapskate? I don't mean to be... I was caught off guard. But, is it really necessary to tip someone when I don't know who they were nor what they did to contribute to the meal? Seems cheap on their part to me, frankly.

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