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Cappuccino Muffin?

thursday | Jun 18, 2009 03:24 PM

There was a coffee shop near where I grew up that sold the most amazing Cappuccino Yogurt Muffins ever - to the point where, when I went home to visit my parents, I would come back with a frozen box of 12 or 24. They were made at a bakery outside New York City, and I could sometimes find them in the city, but alas, it's been years and I can't recall the name.

So I'm looking for recipes.

I've tried to make these myself, but they never come out right. The cakey part was very light and fluffy, a slight tinge of brownish flecks that may have indicated coffee in the batter, and studded with what I believe were cappuccino-flavored chips, but it's possibly they were a bittersweet chocolate of some kind. It was not very sweet and neither greasy as many store-bought muffins get nor dried out like low-fat variations (though I know they had yogurt in them). Last but not least, and the part I'm hoping chowhounders can help me with, the top was covered in powdered sugar - perhaps a combo of powdered sugar and cocoa or cinnamon. Every. Time. I try to cover a muffin in powdered sugar, the sugar either melts into the top of the hot muffin making it overly sweet, or doesn't stick at all if I let the muffin cool. And if I roll the cooled muffin in melted butter to give it a damp base? Melted powdered sugar again.

So give me your best cappuccino muffin recipes, your best ideas for how I can recreate these, or at least how to powder-sugar top a muffin successfully, please!

(Oh, and while we're at it, how do I get my muffins to muffin-top like storebought varieties? I get domes or flat; they never puff and spread, just one or the other.)

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