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canning tools - bare minimum required


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canning tools - bare minimum required

arifa | Feb 26, 2006 08:08 PM

on a whim, i checked out the jamlady cookbook from the library. it's great!!! now i want to try canning. i don't want to invest in a special water bath canning set ($50!) until i know i'll enjoy it. my questions are these:

1) what's the bare minimum i need? will this be enough? do i need a rack or can i just put the jars in the pot?
a) stock pot big enough to hold two half-pint jars
b) jar lifter
c) jars and lids (see question 2)
2) has anyone seen the one-piece lids? i saw some while searching around online. when using them, do you need one of those rubber band/gaskets?
3) steam canning sounds like much less hassle. anyone tried it and have an opinion to share?
4) any words of wisdom on canning in general?


Link: http://www.jamlady.com

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