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Cameroon Pepper

OnkleWillie | Jan 1, 201510:47 PM

What is Cameroon Pepper? It looks rather like coarse ground black pepper except for a reddish brown color. I used a TBS of it in place of regular black pepper in the recently posted Hakka Soy & Pepper Chicken I did over the weekend. I thought the results were spectacular but perhaps a little hot for some. To me it does not have a Piper Nigrum flavor or heat profile.

Google is not much help. There is a company called THX Foods that is showing up in several ethnic stores that I frequent. They appear to specialize in West African spices. To date I have used their Cameroon Pepper and their African Red Pepper. The Red Pepper is great. It is a relatively coarse grind and has a flavor/heat profile somewhere between Kashmiri and regular Indian Chili Powder to my taste.

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