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Looking for low calorie food/snack ideas (aside from Konjac/Konnyaku)


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Looking for low calorie food/snack ideas (aside from Konjac/Konnyaku)

K K | Nov 5, 2008 09:13 PM

So there's this diet I'm looking into that requires one to down the obligatory powdered mix blended drinks in the morning and at dinner. Lunch can be a normal regular meal to an extent (giving allowances to eat a lot of calories but within reason).

The problem is not long after the dinner drink, the stomach starts complaining for more.

I've found that the konjac/konnyaku at Japanese supermarkets offer a good solution as it is supposedly (near) zero calories, and is a cheap substitute just to get the stomach feeling full. It can be paired with soup (miso is a good one) or some pseudo vegan throw together.

Unfortunately it gets boring after a while.

What are some other foods, dishes, preps, snack etc you recommend that will fill you up but won't cause packing on the pounds? It can be Asian, Western, American, European etc. Hopefully nothing disgusting!


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