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Cake mix vs 'real' cake


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Cake mix vs 'real' cake

Kajikit | Aug 13, 2011 08:23 AM

I volunteered to make some cupcakes for church and the lady who was going to do it says 'I've already got the ingredients, I'll give them to you' - two boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix and a bunch of cans of frosting. I've got nothing against the frosting (I'm not a big frosting person anyway...) but I've never made a boxed cake in my life. I learned to make a basic vanilla cake when I was ten!

I made the chocolate cupcakes from scratch... but I ran out of flour in the process and I figured that the box would be okay. How bad could plain vanilla be? I don't use 'real' vanilla in my baking myself. But oh my goodness! As soon as I poured the powder into my liquid and started mixing it stank! What do they put IN that stuff? It smelled like my vanilla-scented deoderant and looked more like corn muffins than vanilla! DH says I'm being snobby but they look (and smell) revolting to me. I bought some more flour and butter and I'm making some real vanilla cupcakes - lets see if he thinks there isn't any difference then!

The only boxed mix I have ever knowingly used (and enjoyed) is Ghiradelli brownies. I'll make them any day... but I think I'd have to be stranded on a dessert island for a year to ever want to make up another Betty Crocker product. There wasn't even really much of a time saving. It took 5 minutes to mix up the box, and 10 minutes to make mine from scratch (including melting the butter in the microwave).

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