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Cajun Dirty Rice. Less is More.


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Cajun Dirty Rice. Less is More.

PhoebeB | Jul 14, 2007 07:27 AM

I was asked on the LA board to post what I finally came up with in my 35 year effort to make Cajun Dirty Rice as good as that I ate at roadside Po Boy stands in southern Louisiana in the late 50s.

I think I have 2 dozen recipes from various restaurants famous for their dirty rice. Some of them have 2 dozen ingredients--eggplant? mushrooms??--and take all day to make. None of them pleased me, maybe because I KNEW those roadside stands couldn't possibly have gone to all that complicated fuss to come up with that divine stuff. I finally found this recipe:


You can't freeze completed dirty rice, obviously (the rice turns to mush), and making the rich meaty chicken stock base takes too much of the day for a single batch of it, so I save (keep in a bag in the freezer) the backs/wings/giblets/necks of the chickens I cut up until I have at least four sets of chicken parts.

I simmer them slowly (a qt. of water for each chicken represented), take the meat off and chop it up, divide the broth and meat equally into 1 qt. bags and freeze that.

When I want a single batch of dirty rice, I thaw one of them, heat it up and follow the recipe from there--adding the good fresh sauteed aromatics and LOTS more cayenne and black pepper.

Sooooo good. I make a meal on just it and a sliced tomato.

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