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Cafe St. Petersburg (long)


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Cafe St. Petersburg (long)

MB | Jul 1, 2004 03:15 PM

Went here with a group of 5 last week. Some things I’d order again in a second, others were a pass. I wouldn’t say that it’s a go far out of your way place, but the service was great, the food was decent to good and it was wonderful to be dining in a European style café. It's certainly comfort-type food and our dining companion who is familiar with the place said that there were a good number of Russians in that night.

Appetizers included:

One platter containing:
Liver mousse pate and another described as “chicken in gelatin”
A cold chicken in a grey-ish sauce that tasted kind of gamey like it was made with organ meats, described as a typical Georgian dish
(I'm not really a pate fan, so my opinion isn't worth much here. It was served with a horseradish/beet (?) sauce)
Also slices of stuffed chicken breast (not tried), served cold

Another platter containing:
Chopped beet salad, simple
2 different eggplant appetizers – one sweeter one spicier, both kind of cooked down to a spread and fantastic
marinated mushrooms with herbs, addictive

Another platter containing:
Smoked salmon
Served with butter and I believe lemon wedges

A wonderful plate of picked vegetables - my favorite by far were little pickled pattypan squashes - amazing! I could have munched on these all night.

Plenty of fresh dill in everything, other flavors that I'm not as familiar with.

Bread basket on the side: white and wheat. The wheat was tastiest, and dense, though unfortunately dried out. They get a lot of products from New York and I wonder if that’s the problem. I was told that Russians eat their caviar with butter and bread.

Cranberry vodka in a chilled carafe, server kept refilling our shot glasses. I have to give props to a culture where you thrown down shots as part of dinner. That was fun.

Entrees included:

A pressed fowl dish that came with a garlic sauce – great flavor but perhaps a little dry, wonderful crisp skin

I ordered the stuffed cabbage - it was so tasty, very finely ground meat, well seasoned and tasting of more nice dill, it was almost like a sausage wrapped in cabbage leaves, which picked up the flavor of the meat completely. Great with the ubiquitous sour cream on the side.

Borsch (regular and vegetarian offered) served with puff pastries like mini-empenadas. This diner went for the regular borsch, a huge steaming bowl that comes out covered with the plate of pastries to keep all warm. She refused to share b/c she loves it so much.

Beef stroganoff that we were instructed (correctly) was better to order with kasha instead of noodles.

Another person ordered what was described as Russian ravioli. Didn't get a try but they looked great, they came out in their own little crock like the borsch.

A big plate of fried potatoes was ordered for everyone.

Dessert was the highlight. Tea served with cherry jam to sweeten it. Turkish coffee. And oh (oh!), the cheese blitzes. Filled with a sweetened farmer-type cheese and fruit (perhaps the cherry jam again). The blintzes were fat and filling, toasty warm, with a nice browning on the outside. There was a big dessert tray of mostly pastry being shown in the dining room, too.

To go back again I'd get the chicken salad, pickled vegetables, borsch, and a big ol' order of cheese blintzes.

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