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BYO 'Doggie' Boxes?


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BYO 'Doggie' Boxes?

Laurella | Aug 19, 2005 12:54 PM

So, living in the Northwest as I do, it's very easy to be enviro-conscious. When I go to a coffee joint, I bring my own travel mug. When I go to the supermarket, I try to bring my own bags. But the next step I'd like to be able to take is to bring my own reusable container for leftovers (I'd love it if I could bring my own for take-out, too).

Has anyone done this? Is there a way to do this well (graciously, subtly, cleverly)? Are there health regulations that would be violated if they put my leftovers in my plastic container? Am I insane for contemplating ways to do this? If not, how could we start a trend so that it wouldn't seem so weird/annoying/offensive? It would be great if it raised as few eyebrows to bring one's own to go box as it does to ask the coffee folks to make the drink in one's own mug.

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