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Bymark - Winterlicious 2005


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Bymark - Winterlicious 2005

ThomOnTheNet | Feb 6, 2005 02:48 AM

We had reservations for Sat at 5:00 PM. We received a call on the day to confirm our reservation.

We had problems when we arrived at Bymark. If you would like to skip this part and go directly to the food review, please go to THE FOOD below.


We arrived at 5 o'clock sharp. When we approached the reservation desk, we were informed that the restaurant was not ready to receive clients yet and we were asked to leave the restaurant (?!?!) and return in a few minutes. My partner was not very impressed; a professional establishment should be ready when they have their first appointment. It was not our choice to have dinner at 5:00 PM; we would have preferred something later. Why make us arrive there so early if they wouldn't be ready for us yet? They have a nice seating area by the reservation desk, why ask us to leave the restaurant instead of inviting us to seat down and wait? Well, we left the restaurant, as requested, and when we saw other guests arriving and being seated, we returned to the reservation desk.

The second time we approached the reservation desk, we were asked if our entire party was there. When we said no, they said that they were only seating people after eveybody arrived. While we were waiting for our friends to arrive, I noticed that other people, whose entire parties were not there, were being seated. This time I was pissed.

About five minutes later, our friends arrived and we returned to the reservation desk a third time. We informed them that our entire party was there, and we were shown our table. They took us to the first table right by the front door, where there would be the most traffic of people entering and leaving the restaurant. Noticing that the dining room was half empty, we asked to be seated somewhere else. We were told that since we didn't arrive early enough, other tables had already been taken and they could not give us another table.

I should mention that up to this point, I was all smiles, being very friendly, trying to be understanding of all their requests, despite the fact I found them quite absurd.

I could not believe what I was hearing. After making us return to the reservation desk three times, we were being blamed for not arriving early enough, especially considering we were the first ones to arrive at the restaurant. At this point, my partner lost it! And he made it very clear to the greeter. We were immediately shown another table.

I don't care how good the food at this reataurant is. This is definitely not the kind of service we expect to receive from a restaurant at this price range. After this experience, we will NEVER return to Bymark. Congratulations to the staff for making such a fantastic first impression!


A waiter with a large try served us with white bread and butter. I noticed there was a different kind of bread on his tray, and asked him if the other kind of bread had black olives. He acknowledged my observation and then proceeded to serve us both types of bread. The bread was served warm, which is always nice. See photo at (79.4 KB)

I decided to upgrade my appetizer ($8.00) and ordered the seared foie gras, which was served over a buckwheat pancake and roasted glazed pears and topped with a deep fried basil (or bay) leaf. The flavor was nice. The pancake was a bit too greasy, but added a nice texture to the dish. The sweetness of the glazed pear enhanced the overall flavor of the appetizer. The foie gras on my plate was half the size of my friend's who also decided to upgrade her appetizer; it is as if somebody had eaten half of it and they decided to serve the other half. See photo at (56.4 KB)

My partner had the "White endive, red lettuce and roasted pears with blue cheese, toasted pecans and shallot vinaigrette". The salad tasted very good, the leaves were fresh and had no bitterness. The flavor was enhanced by accompaning roasted glazed pears (same from foie gras appetizer) and glazed pecans. See photo at (64.0 KB)

One of our friends had the "Day Boat scallop carpaccio with spiced tomato ice, citrus and tender herbs". Unfortunately I forgot to ask him his opinion of the dish. See photo at (53.0 KB)

My choice of entree was the "Grilled veal tenderloin with squash ravioli, natural reduction and corn foam". The grilled veal tenderloln was done medium rare, lightly pink in coloration, very tender, wonderful consistency and flavor. It was served over two raviolis filled with a sweet squash paste that I loved with the veal tenderloin, greens and natural reduction sauce. It was all topped with tiny thinly sliced onion rings. Just to show how people's opinions and tastes differ, my friend didn't like the ravioli at all because it was sweet; in her opinion it belonged to the dessert plate rather the entree one. See photo at (63.8 KB)

One of our friends had the "Roasted chicken with herb spun potatoes and organic root vegetables". In his opinion, the generous chicken serving was very juicy, tender and flavorful. The smooth herb mashed potatoes were the perfect side for the chicken. See photo at (74.5 KB)

I chose the "Apple upside down cake with caramel and
whipped crème fraiche. The cake was moist and light. The apple and caramel sauce flavors were enhanced by crunched pralines sprinkled over the dish. The pralines certainly made a huge difference for this simple dessert in terms of flavor and texture. See photo at (61.3 KB)

My partner had the chocolate ganache cake. It was served with a caramel biscuit and topped with banana ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauces. The cake itself was a chocolate sponge cake with no melting chocolate centre. It was a simple dessert nicely presented. See photo at (59.2 KB)

The waiter was ok. Dinner for two with winde, tea, coffee and a generous tip came to $117.55.




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