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Where to buy fake meat in SF (grocery store)


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Where to buy fake meat in SF (grocery store)

minerrva | Aug 14, 2007 01:26 PM

I was in a Vietnamese supermarket in Orange County the other day and they had a freezer case full of fake meats of all sorts. The kind used in Asian restaurants that serve fake meat dishes. I think it's wheat-gluten based? but may be soy based, I don't know. There were big logs of bologna-looking stuff, as well as shaped and seasoned packages of 'chicken,' 'pork,' 'shrimp,' 'fish balls,' etc. A wide selection.

I want to experiment making my own dishes with this stuff. Does anyone know where I can find a similar selection in San Francisco supermarkets, or the Peninsula (I live in SF, was only visiting the OC) ? Would I have a better chance at Chinese markets or other Asian (Vietnamese, et al.)?

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

thanks in advance.

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