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How to buy a Deba, and questions about sharpening knives

TeRReT | Sep 24, 201108:40 AM

Instead of buying the Miyabi on sale, I've decided to buy a Deba, I am in Japan after all, and just visited a store in Osaka that nearly made me dehydrated from drooling so much. I am new to purchasing Japanese knives, and debas in particular. What characteristics am I looking for? Would it be in my best interest to get a super blue, or would a blue #1 or #2 be alright, or white?

As far as sharpening, the knife I am retiring, which I used in the industry, I honed on a steel countless times a day, and sharpened it on a random two sided stone that nobody knew the grit number of, as needed - around once a month or so. I was able to keep my Henckel Pro sharp enough to be able to filet fish, slice tomatoes and everything else I needed. I'd like to work out a better system with my new knives though. I need to update my system since I am now using substantially harder knives, a Miyabi 7000mcd, a super blue shotoh, and hopefully a new super blue deba. I realize that using a steel to hone is useless or even detrimental now, so I will get rid of that. I am also going to get the Apex pro with the chosera stones. I know there is no set time, it depends on how much knives are used and how bad, but approximately how long will my knives keep their edge, how often should i be using the edge pro? And if I can't use a steel, what do I use daily or routinely to hone the knives? I heard briefly about a fast stone, what is that, how is it different from any other Japanese whetstone? Should I just look at leather strops for daily honing?

And I'm guessing edge pro can do a deba alright?

Thanks so much in advance.

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