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What to buy at an asian market?


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What to buy at an asian market?

madeliner | Jul 11, 2012 09:49 PM

I am trekking to one pretty soon and will not be able to visit it often because of the distance and the price of gas.

What would you guys suggest to stock up on?

Am thinking all things that the grocery store marks up 10 fold
-oyster sauce
-hoisin sauce
-sesame oil
-maybe soy but I don't know much about soy outside of kikkoman

-also noodles (probably dry for storage)
-wrappers that aren't like brittle paper (guess they would be fresh or frozen)

-some sort of bean paste-not sure what kind

anything else I should grab? or any feedback on the list?

(will pick up vegs or any fresh fish if they have them i suppose)

what about dried shrimp or mushrooms? any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks if you write back

I will post after I make my trip if anyone is interested

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