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what is butterfish? [moved from Toronto]


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what is butterfish? [moved from Toronto]

Loquax | Jun 30, 2006 09:53 PM

Does anyone know what butterfish is and who serves it in toronto? I have had butterfish sashimi at sushi on bloor and it was good, but still a bit frozen when serves to me, which is pretty mediocre. I was also served something at sushi inn last night that they claimed was butterfish, and they said it is albacore/white tuna. while similar it was not as good as what i was given at sushi on bloor. both were not far off from something i had in brazil last month, called Meca, which i believe is a kind of swordfish. I googled butterfish and a picture of a very small fish came up, and i am sure the sashimi i had was from quite a large fish. so what is butterfish?

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