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buttercream frosting help please


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buttercream frosting help please

Yvonne Lai | Jun 11, 2003 02:53 PM

I seem to have trouble with heating up eggs for pastries. I tried to make some tiramisu filling once, with the eggs, but that turned out disastrous (got a friend sick, got myself nauseous). Then I tried again, and as soon as I smelled the eggs, I got sick and threw out the batch.

I tried some buttercream frosting recipe, with eggs. The eggs won't cook properly (very gunky), and I'm throwing it out.

So my plea is in two parts:
(1) can you share a buttercream recipe that only uses butter, chocolate, and sugar (+ vanilla, etc.)?

(2) what are your secrets to egg based creams/custards?

The only requirement is that the buttercream recipe should hold up weight well, since I'm trying to make a dobos torte. Seeing as I have to get this ready by Friday, the first question is more urgent than the second.

Thanks so much!!!

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