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Butchering the Chef's Masterpiece


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Butchering the Chef's Masterpiece

Morton the Mousse | Aug 15, 2005 03:38 PM

I just had a flawless birthday dinner at Gary Danko, a four star restaurant in San Francisco.

The couple next to us was a few courses ahead of our table. For dessert the man ordered the chocolate souffle with two sauces, the woman ordered the yogurt panna cotta. After the waiter poured the sauces on to the man's souffle, THE WOMAN ASKED HIM TO POUR HOT CHOCOLATE SAUCE ON TO HER PANNA COTTA! The waiter was clearly reluctant, but at her insistence he dribbled a dot on to it. Without even tasting the unadulterated panna cotta, she grabbed the sauce and literally drenched it in chocolate.

Now, I know that different people have different taste preferences, but we're talking about Panna Cotta; one of the most delicate, fragile desserts in the world. This was a yogurt panna cotta which had a wonderful tart kick to it and was not too sweet. It was properly chilled and had the light, airy texture you only find in perfect panna cotta. By pouring hot chocolate sauce on it this heathen destroyed the temperature, the texture and the taste of the dessert in one idiotic motion; the panna cotta immediately melted into a syrupy, chocolaty mess.

There are certain things you just don't do with food. You don't say, "these house cured anchovies are too cold, would you throw them in the microwave?" or "this red wine is too warm and too strong tasting, can I have some ice?" Restaurants are my temple of worship and it was like she walked in to the temple and spat on the floor because "that's the way she likes to pray."

Am I the only one who feels this strongly? Anyone have any anecdotes to rival this woman's idiocy?

I just needed to vent to some sympathetic ears. When I try talking to my friends they get that old "Morton's raving about food again" glazed over look in their eyes.

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