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butcher, fishmonger, baker, ,...candlestick maker?


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butcher, fishmonger, baker, ,...candlestick maker?

Jason Kreitzer | May 9, 2004 01:34 PM

Not sure if appropriate for this board, but in addition to eating out, I love procuring the best local foods. Any insight as to the best local

-cheese shop
-produce stand
-ethnic supplies
-gourmet store

I've only been in philly for a year, so my list is fairly limited, but here's a summary of my experience so far:
-bakery (metropolitan - local chain, just ok -- I'm looking for a real French baker with baguettes, brioches, croissants,...)

-butcher (d'angelou brothers, italian market -- great place for kobe style dry aged beef, lamb, venison, quail, free range chicken...)

-fishmonger (been to reading terminal, italian market, china town -- honestly the best I've found so far is Whole foods -- way overpriced and I'd much rather go somewhere local/small....)

-cheese shop (D'brunos -- not bad, but overpriced, full selection of italian, limited on french. There's a good place in reading terminal, kinda in the middle, can't remember the name?)

-produce stand (again, haven't found better quality than whole foods -- disappointing. Sue's on 18th is not bad, and more what I'm looking for)

-ethnic supplies (china town, several places)
-gourmet store (nothing yet, any ideas?)

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