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HELP! Burnt or Not cooked through on cast iron grill pan


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HELP! Burnt or Not cooked through on cast iron grill pan

leeau | Mar 20, 2013 01:22 PM

Hi all,

I am a home cook who still feels fairly new to the whole thing after ~5 yrs of intermittent experience. Few months ago I bought a Lodge cast iron grill pan which I love to use on my stove.
But the constant dilemma is that I often get result that is charred outside but not cooked through inside.
Now for steaks, I often butterfly the meat, and I take medium-rare, so this is not much of a problem.
But for chicken thighs (with bone) or pork chops (with bone) I like them cooked well through, and I haven't tried butterflying because of the bones. The result is often the outside is cooked well and nicely charred but the thickest part or near the bone is still bloody. This happens even at 'medium heat' level when the recipe asks for 'high heat.' In the end I end up microwaving the result for awhile - this cooks the meat without burning it but it does dry it out :(

I feel very much stuck.. should I try 'low heat' and cooking it longer? Should I attempt to remove the bone & butterfly? So far baking it after grilling feels like it would give me the best result, but I am hoping there is a better option than always having to bake after grilling.

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