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Have you ever burned a pot so bad.....?

jcattles | Nov 18, 200907:25 AM

For those of you who have ever burned a pot so bad you had to throw it away, here's a great trick!

Last night I made cheese soup. Or should I say, I burned cheese soup. (I know, I know, I should never turn my back on boiling milk) The bottom of my enameled cast iron pot was so black and crusty, I thought for sure I'd have to throw it away. I tried boiling water, boiling water with dish soap. lemon & salt, scrubbing, scraping. Finally I did a google search. I found this solution and it worked. I took some baking soda (thick layer covering the bottom, a few tbsp of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, a couple drops of dish soap (dawn), and just enough water to make the water about 2 inches deep. I put in on the stove to boil. It foams like crazy, so I did have to turn down the heat and scoop some of the excess off. I left it alone for about 10 min and started scraping. I added some more baking soda & boiled for another 10 min. I was finally able to get the last bits off and was amazed the bottom was completely clean.

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