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How about burgers from a wet-brined chuck roast...?

airspacegeek | Dec 11, 201606:24 AM     4

I've recently discovered the wonders (there's understatement of the year) of brining. I've done the Thanksgiving turkey (brined and spatchcocked), chicken thighs, pork roasts, and short ribs. I'm a true believer now.

I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried homemade, home ground beef patties made from brined chuck roast.

Before you tell me all about how pre-salting ground beef before cooking denatures the proteins and toughens the meat, I want to point out that pre-salting isn't the same as brining. Brining also pulls in lots of moisture and tenderizes the meat. So (in theory at least) this could make a big difference.

I'm about to try it later today. Chuck is in a salt bath right now, next I'll be pulling the meat grinder out of the attic. I'd love to hear your ideas on this!

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