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Burger King Chef's Choice - Horrific

sbp | Oct 27, 201110:38 AM

I should have known better, but it was close and I was in a hurry. Ordered the new Chef's Choice burger from BK. $5 for a 1/3 pounder. Well, yes, it is a noticeably thicker patty, and the lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon, etc... seemed fresh and plentiful. Clearly aimed at 5 guys.

But I ate about 4 bites and threw the rest out. The meat is just inedible. Spongy, dry, completely devoid of burger/beef flavor. It didn't even have that weird BK "char" flavor. The patty looked and tasted totally artificial. I would have preferred tasteless, but this was like eating a lab experiment. I can't quite place the flavor - other than it was literally nausea inducing. Maybe a cross between synthetic vegetable flavoring and liver? Ghastly.

How does BK keep up this track record? Who the heck works in their R&D and marketing departments? I mean, this monstrosity (just in time for Halloween), their awful spray-starch coated french fries, and that ridiculous marketing campaign featuring a big plastic head?

Anyone complaining about 5 Guy's burgers will bite their tongues if they try one of these. For pretty much the same price, it's a choice between a burger and an Ipecac substitute.

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