Are there any buffalo milk cheeses BESIDES mozzarella


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Are there any buffalo milk cheeses BESIDES mozzarella

jumpingmonk | Sep 5, 2008 01:39 PM

after reading a previos thread on this site I rembered a question that I had always wondered about namely is buffalo milk used to make any cheeses BESIDES mozzarella, I beive I heard of marscapone di bufala once (though tecnically marscapone is really a dairy product not a cheese). Likewise since I undersat that real Italian provolone is made by rubbing a large mozzarella with salt, tying ropes around it and leaving it hanging to dry and age, there should be such a thing as provolone di bufala(though I dont think I've ever seen such a thing). But what about other cheeses, are there buffalo milk granas (hard cheeses like parmesan) buffalo washed rind cheeses (a la tallegio) Buffalo Blues? buffalo bries? does anybody out there know?

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