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Buffalo Grill - Greenlawn. Cross this one of your list

sbp | Jun 11, 201205:41 PM

Was just ripped off royally by the Buffalo Grille in Greenlawn. We had their take out menu, and called in "4 piece Fried Chicken Dinner". It's $8.95, but an additional $4 for all white meat.

Got home and saw that for $14, I received 2 small wings, and 2 morsels of chicken breast. That's right, not a chicken breast. Not even half a chicken breast. I took of the breading, and it appears that a single breast must be cut into 4 pieces - one of which is a lengthwise section where the breast tapers off to the rack of chicken ribs. Yep, that's one of my morsels. A rack of chicken ribs, breaded and fried. Apparently, there is a bit of meat between each tiny rib. The other morsel was the knob where the wing meets the breast.

I figured this had to be a mistake, since I received what might have amounted to 3 ounces of chicken, which must have cost them $0.40, for $14 (oh, there was a handful of fries, too). (By comparison, the Greek place by my office does a 1/2 chicken lunch for $9.95).

So I called to complain (which I rarely do). Well, the poor girl on the phone clearly had no authority to do anything about it, but she did admit this WAS the correct portion. And that they have no control over it, because it comes already prepared and packaged and they just heat it up.

So not only was this non-chain Mom and Pop place overcharging a boatload for a thimble of chicken, they don't even go to the trouble of making it themselves. How hard is that?

Pitiful. Not going there ever again.

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