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Bruges, Ghent/Antwerp, Heuvelland, Ardennes, Luxembourg City and Brussels in End of Septemeber, 2016

Kurtis | Jul 10, 201609:15 AM     19

Greetings Belgium/Luxembourg Hounds!

We are touring Belgium with a day in Luxembourg City. Not a lot of recent reports on CH, but was able to gather some intell so these have become a good starting points. Thanks to those who contributed to these posts. I would appreciate your thoughts and input, and addition of recent experiences. We like all types of food in varieties of settings. While we tend toward casual, we enjoy cleaning up nicely when special occasion requires it.


-Bistro De Eetkamer
-Den Dyver
-Sans Cravate*
-Den Gouden Harynck*
-De Karmeliet***
-Hertog Jan***

-Café Vlissinghe
-t' Poatersgat

I would love to experience a mix of un-updated traditional places to updated traditional, modern as well as creative. I would love some more recommendations for small family-run/chef-owner spots with great atmosphere or old world charm. Do De Eetkamer or Den Dyver fit this bill? I am likely to try one MS place in Bruges, so any thoughts on comparison between the MS3s as well as MS1s?

The last two on the list seem good places to have drink and some snacks with great atmosphere and tradition. How are these choices? More local vibe/less touristy recommendation in this line would be appreciated.


These two cities are potential day-trip from Bruges. I have not done much searching, but if there's certain standouts we may be persuaded to make this trip!

HEUVELLAND is added as we are staying overnight at In De Wolf * for the dinner. I hope their end will be as great as they started. Any recent visitors?

From here we are headed to ARDENNES, and Dinant, Durbuy, or La Roche-en-Ardenne seem more prominent choices. But anywhere along the Meuse or her tributary where we can enjoy a boat ride/hike and scenery would be fine however (intimate/beautiful) small. We wouldn't mind crossing over the border to France in the Parc naturel régional des Ardennes for this day as well, so any thoughts how to spend a day (and eating) in what seems to be a beautiful region especially if there's a good gastronomic tradition would be greatly appreciated.

LUXEMBOURG CITY: found two names on a dated post here and it seems- as much as one can glean from internet sources I suppose - they still hold up quite well. Any recent experiences? Any recent comers who are doing some great cooking in this city?

-Restaurant Le Bouquet Garni

It appears Clairefontaine is more formal/traditional than Le Bouquet Garni, and not sure sitting outside is still feasible at the end of September, but will choose one for the lunch (maybe the other for dinner?) that will allow this weather/circumstance permitting.

BRUSSELS: have only one day here as we've been here before, but in a cram-it-all-in-a-day kind. This was years and years ago when food was something I grabbed on the way (and when I could walk all day and see 3 museums!?!). Here we will have one small lunch, and one dinner, and are inclined for seafood, raw (more varieties the better) and cooked, but open to other options.

-l'Ultime Atome
-Comme Chez Soi**
-La Maison du Cygne
-Aux Armes De Bruxelles
-La Belle Maraîchère
-Restaurant Henri

Lastly, there are a handful of dishes (updated versions or traditional) that I am interested in trying, and if you have a particular place that does this exceptionally well I am all ears :)
And, if I am missing some great dishes, please advise.


Paling in 't groen (eel in chervil and parsley; probably most interested)
Tomate-crevette (grey shrimp stuffed in tomato)
Carbonade flamande (beef Bourguignon but w/ beer)
Waterzooi (chicken/fish stew with veg and cream)
Lapin à la gueuze (rabbit in fermented beer; 2nd most interested)
Filet américain ( beef tartare; any idea why it's called americain?!?)
Frites: as this seems to have originated in the region of Ardennes (correct me if I am off) is the original form much different from how it is cooked and eaten these days? Would I find things different say from a shop in Namur vs in Brussels? Anything else that stands out in a frituur/frietkot other than frites?


Judd mat Gaardebounen (smoked collar of pork with broad beans; 1st interest)
F'rell am Rèisleck (trout in Riesling sauce)
Hiecht mat Kraiderzooss (pike in green sauce)

Many thanks,


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