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brown thumb herb garden


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brown thumb herb garden

drdawn | Feb 23, 2004 05:17 AM

My umpteenth potted herb plant has just died. As much as I love the idea of fresh herbs, 'soil' for me does not translate into growing but rather putting off the inevitable a little longer. This time I think it might have been the transfer into another pot that killed them. Assuming 'don't underwater' 'don't overwater' 'give 'em sun' (ha ha british sun...) are all things I should know (and completely impractical: if you're under or overwatering, you wouldn't do it if you thought that was what you were doing), I have a few questions in acceptance of my fate:

a) when the thing does die, are the dead bits to be considered 'dried' and therefore edible or just dead bits?

b) when it's still living, should I be taking my herbs from the top of the plan of from the sides? I noticed that as it grows (which it does do sometimes) the bottom bits tend to die off, so I've taken to eating those first preemptively. I had one successful basil plan that started to get woody at the bottom--if I get this far what do I do with it?

c) if it looks like it's about to go, how do I start drying it? is there a technique?

I've tried my unluck with basil, coriander, sage and rosemary. So far the results have been brown.

Any help would be v. appreciated,

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