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I've broken my wrist -- now what do I cook?


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I've broken my wrist -- now what do I cook?

Pat Goldberg | Jul 27, 2002 11:26 AM

I had a silly accident, which resulted in a broken left wrist, my arm in a cast almost up to my elbow, and my thumb immobilized in the cast as well. I am left-handed. I will be this way for the indefinite future, and would like to cook as well as I can in this condition. I am looking for suggestions from chowhounds, especially ones who have been in a similar situation.

First, I would prefer to cook things that do not require a knife to eat, sine this would mean that Dick has to cut things up for me at the table. Not impossible (I will make an exception for lobster), but something I prefer to avoid.

Second, I ama living in Truro on the outer Cape, so exotic ingredients are not easy to come by. But there is an excellent spice and herb shop nearby and I grow my own fresh herbs. In Orleans, the fruit and vegetable store has a good range of fresh vegetables (I bought baby bok choi that I will use in a simple Lion's head) as well as canned and bottled Asian ingredients. Of course fresh fish and shellfish is abundant - as well as easy to eat. Our larder is also well stocked. I also have a food processor and a minichopper.

Finally, to give you some idea of what I can do. I made Pad Thai last night. I could not shell the shrimp, nor could I cut up the lime for garnish, so Dick had to handle these tasks (no, he cannot cook). But I managed to smash and peel the garlic and to peel the shallots, and used the minichopper to reduce them to appropriate size. Using a small knife held between my index and third fingers, I was able to get into a package of tofu and cut it into half inch squares and marinate it. No particular problem pouring and measuring condiments. Using a larger knife in my rght hand, I was also able to cut up a cucumber for garnish, although the results were not pretty. I imagine that as I use my right hand more, it will grow stronger, but right now those are my limits.

Thanks for any and all suggestions.

Pat G

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