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Broiling Steak/Physics Majors Pls Respond


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Broiling Steak/Physics Majors Pls Respond

crsommers | Jun 27, 2009 01:38 PM

Convention wisdom has it that you should/must bring a steak to room temperature
before putting it under the broiler. WHY? This has never made sense to me.
Whichever cut looks best is what I buy, but never less than two (2) inches thick.

If it goes under the fire cold, it stays under the fire longer to bring it to a warm medium rare interior -- the longer it's under the fire the crustier the exterior is.

Ever read David Rosengarten, Dean & DeLuca foodie guru? He takes a good sirloin hamburger and buries an ice cube in the center for the purpose of attaining a medium rare interior with a dark crusty exterior. Sounds revolting to me! Why wouldn't there be water running out of it
when you either bite into it or break it open with a fork. It's basically my theory but w/out the icecube.

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