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"Broccoli Cheese Soup for Dummies!" like me.... It's MY recipe!

Caroline1 | Dec 15, 201302:22 PM

I truly love broccoli cheese soup, but it doesn't seem to matter any more whether it's from a can or from a restaurant, the broccoli is overcooked to "medium gray" and it just lacks that snap that fresh ingredients provide. Sooooooo.... In an act of creative desperation a week or so ago, when I had a sniffely nose, didn't want to cook, but really should pay attention to decent nutrition, I had an "AHA!" moment, and came up with this stupidly simple "recipe." Which is really stretching the imagination to call it that. But anyway, here goes...


1 prepared as directed 12 ounce steam-in-bag of "Green Giant Select Broccoli & Cheese Sauce" frozen vegetable. (follow steam in bag directions)

1/2 to 3/4 cup of HOT milk (I use Horizon organic skim milk)


Open the steamed bag of broccoli and cheese sauce and dump it into a high speed blender, NOT a food processor. (I use a classic Waring glass "clover leaf" jar type of "bar" blender that simply has two speeds: High and Higher." A food processor cannot produce the desired finish and you will have hard little lumps if you use one.)

Pour the hot milk into the blender jar with the brocolli. Cover with lid, fold a dishcloth and hold it over the lid to make sure it doesn't "explode" the hot liquid all over you when you turn it on. Then blend (on high) for at least two minutes, longer even maybe. You want to blend it until no more little green specks (the tips of the blossom part of the broccoli) are blended and the soup is a lovely uniform green color.

Serve. Depending on appetites, this will make one or two servings. Well, for an amuse bouche tablespoon, you can serve a mob!

If your equipment is close to mine, the magic of this recipe is that the long puree time will whip extremely fine air bubbles into the soup, AND the natural pectins and other stuff naturally in the broccoli will gel and thicken the soup. You can refrigerate it and it will retain its texture at least over night. I've never been able to make enough to have left overs, let alone enough to freeze, but I have stored some overnight when I didn't feel up to finishing it at supper time.

Hope you like it too...! Oh, and I've read ALL of the labels on the Green Giant frozen food bag, and the ingredients are "healthy." But the cheese does seem to have some of the added ingredients that most "store bought" cheeses have today.

If you try it, I hope you enjoy it!

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