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Brining, What a disappointment.


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Brining, What a disappointment.

bgorton | Nov 9, 2003 07:42 AM

Over the last year or so I have read about brining on Chowhound and in American recipes and this weekend tried it for the first time.

Used pork fillet and brined it in 1 ½ ish cups of water, juice of two oranges and zest of one, a desert spoon of salt and the same of brown sugar. After 18 hours dried the fillet off, rolled it in orange zest, pepper, and garlic.

Sealed the fillet in a pan and put it in the oven for about 20 minutes until the internal temperature was 155 deg F.

The meat was wonderfully moist, tender, and absolutely flavourless. It seemed that the pork taste had leached out into the brine. Making a lousy wine reduction in a hurry worsened the result.

If I had used the same brining ingredients, without the water, as a marinade for the same amount of time I am sure the pork would have been flavoured by it and retained it's pork flavour.

Prior to reading of brining I had not heard of it except in relation to pickling or preserving meats like corned beef/lamb, pickled pork etc.

Is brining, as in the way I did it, a new/fashionable thing or is it a long standing American cooking technique?

Would like readers' comments.

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