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Which Brings Us to the Crockpot (aka Slowcooker)


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Which Brings Us to the Crockpot (aka Slowcooker)

Bill | Feb 21, 2002 04:08 PM

My wife bought me a beautiful, stainless steel, 6.5 quart, Rival "slowcooker" for Christmas. I mistakenly nudged my old one off the counter months ago. Alas, I stoked it up with brisket and bar-b-cue sauce, turned it on, left for work, and came home to raw meat. It never worked.

So now I'm debating exchanging it. But do I need a crockpot? The idea simply doesn't seem to work for me. Every good crockpot recipe requires browing all the onions and meat in a saute pan first, often deglazing. Many recipes call for removing the meat after cooking, then pouring the liguids into a sauce pan to reduce or thicken them. Well that's three diry pots AND a dirty stove top! I could have done it all in my enameled french oven on a very low flame or in a very low oven.

So, apart from corned beef, which absolutely REQUIRES the slow cooking that a crockpot provides to keep from tightening up, why would I spend $60 on a new one?

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