Please help me name this "Brie" cheese!


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Please help me name this "Brie" cheese!

Bambellini | Feb 24, 2010 12:40 PM

Ok, so this is driving me crazy. I used to buy this cheese at Trader Joe's. It was sold as a type of Brie, although technically I think it wasn't officially a Brie. It had a different name, and although I'm pretty sure it was French, I don't think it was actually from the Brie region.
Regardless, it looked like Brie, was sold in the Brie section, and tasted like Brie - albeit a super-creamy, mild, mouth-wateringly delicious Brie.

Now I've moved away and am nowhere near a Trader Joe's, and I can't for the life of me remember what it was called.
I'll know when I hear it, though.
It wasn't D'Affinois and it wasn't St Andre.

It came in Brie-like wedges (cut from a wheel, because they were always various different weights) and usually they were somewhat squashed, because the cheese was quite soft. I know TJ's actually had it labelled as "Brie something-or-other..." (insert name here).
I believe it sold for $7.99/lb.

Any ideas?

Help me please, I need my cheese-fix!

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