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Please help with a bridal shower salad buffet menu & cooking theme

nojunk | Apr 16, 2012 09:53 AM

Hi, chowhounds, thanks so much for being such a great resource!

So here's my project du jour...I'm having a bridal shower in less than two weeks and it has a cooking theme. Of course, for me, any event is all about the food, so I'm going to force feed my guests from the minute they get here til they leave! ;~}

I'm thinking of starting with champagne cocktails of some kind and some apps like maybe gougeres and....? The main course will be a salad buffet. So far I'm planning a green salad with field greens, thinly sliced sweet onion, dried cranberries, sliced almonds, feta and a sweet balsamic dressing. I'm going to do some kind of fruit salad/tray/skewers. I want to do a fancy-schmancy crab salad served in endive leaves - does anyone have a good crab salad recipe for this?? I was also thinking of some kind of a rice salad - again I was thinking of a dried fruit/nut/cheese/crunchy (probably green onions) combo, but now that's sounding too much like the green salad, so does anyone have any ideas for a starch-based salad that isn't pasta? (I'm the queen of the pasta salad at all family events, and we're heading into pasta salad season, so don't want to do pasta here.) I'll also serve a nice bread basket and lots of butter. I might want one more salad, so does anyone have ideas?

For dessert I'm planning an assortment of purchased bite sized yum yums from the nice bakery that makes you drool just to walk in the door.

Any other ideas of help with recipess? Also, I need help with the dread bridal shower games - ! I'm going to do the ol' put a bunch of cooking tools and stuff on a tray and show them for 30 seconds and see how many the guests can list. Any other cooking theme game ideas?

Thanks everyone!

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