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Brewer's Plate 2 (Long)


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Brewer's Plate 2 (Long)

DunderMifflin | Apr 2, 2006 10:15 PM

Went to this event last year and loved it.

This one was not quite as enjoyable. I'm looking back on it and while the food probably wasn't quite up to par with last year, I think the layout was my big problem with this year's event.

Last year, the breweries/restaurants were on the side with the middle wide open. In the middle was a huge spread of cheese and fruit, which was noticeably absent this year though Tria's station did have some awesome cheeses.

This year, the layout was the exact opposite, the food took up the middle, so everyone had very narrow aisles on either end in which to operate. You had no idea where some lines started and where others ended. The atmosphere was not very relaxing or comfortable. I also think they let in a TON more people this year. They ran out of Brewer's Plate cups and people had regular solo cups which to me is a sign that at some point a decision was made to sell more tickets.

There was a second area which we happened on by circumstance (hello, a sign please) and that was just as crowded (at times worse than the main area.)

Eulogy Belgian Tavern had a burger that was grilled on site, which sounds like a great idea but was totally impractical for the tight squeeze set-up. They took forever to cook and the line trudged along at a glacial pace. The burger did not justify the wait, but In-and-Out probably wouldn't justify that wait.

Down Home Diner brought their great pulled pork and had a bacon salsa with it that were fantastic. But then 2 other places (Thomas's and General Lafayette) also had pork. Needed some coordination to prevent this overkill.

Standard Tap had half-shell oysters which were great, but they ran out way too early.

I'm reading this and its coming off very negative. There were some great foods (Tria Cheese, Oysters, Down Home Diner, Iron Hill's Sauteed Halibut) and plenty of great beer (though I'd love a chocolate stout in there).

I think my opinion of BP2 is jaded by the very tight squeeze and long disorganized lines. There were some line-cutters, though they may not have realized they were doing so, that's how confusing it was with so many people crammed into the space. There was plenty of open wasted space behind the vendors.

Anyone else with thoughts on this year's Brewer's Plate?

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