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How to do bread for sliders or mini-sandwiches for Christmas Eve buffet?


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How to do bread for sliders or mini-sandwiches for Christmas Eve buffet?

Normandie | Dec 20, 2009 06:28 AM

I'm doing the desserts and two hors d'oeuvre for an informal French-Onion-Soup-and-buffet my family does with a girl friend's family on Christmas Eve. One will be a bite-sized tart or turnover filled with caramelized veggies (probably fennel, corn, Granny Smith apple and garlic--something like that). I also want to do a protein, mini-slider type thing from roast chicken, pork tenderloin OR meatloaf. I know I can make those things easily within my very busy Christmas cooking schedule and use compound spreads, sauce, herbs, etc., to add interest.

I don't know what to do about the bread product. We already have enough phyllo/puff pastry on the menu. I want something to serve at room temp (don't want to trouble my friend for the oven because I know it'll be in use).

I was thinking of simply cutting out toast rounds from a tasty artisanal bread with a small biscuit cutter, but would they either go soggy OR dry out if I prepare them the evening of the 23rd? I suppose in a pinch I could prepare the sandwich filling on the 23rd and assemble them quickly the morning of the 24th.... I also thought of making mini drop biscuits and splitting them, but they're best served right out of the oven. Is that so for rolled biscuits? I'm just not sure *what* to put the protein filling in...

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