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Brand Consciousness

Howard-2 | May 18, 2002 04:55 PM

Are you brand-conscious? Maybe in some things you buy, but not all? Or do you usually buy the cheapest brand?

In many purchases, I buy the cheapest brand. I figure that all sugar is alike, and all canola oil, and so on, so I buy the cheapest. But when I bought rice in the supermarket, I bought Uncle Ben's Long Grain, since I knew how it came out. (I now buy Jasmine rice in the Oriental market.)

A woman with whom I'm very friendly, and who's certainly not rich, often buys "brand names". This woman is what I'd call "very social", and the best guess I can make about this woman is that she somehow wants to "show off" to friends--even though they don't *usually* see the items in her pantry. I also suspect that maybe she's "defining herself" by buying the (more expensive) name brands.

Anyone have any insight on this? Any comments from personal experience?

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