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Okay, I'm branching out

Boudleaux | Feb 17, 200803:28 PM

I'm generally someone that will settle for whatever beer is available at a party (most of the time) but when it comes to buying for myself, I've been drinking Bass. I'm up for trying some new things and exploring the wide world of beers. I don't know anything about beer really. I've heard talk of hops and malts and I have read many of the topics on this board. But maybe that's to my advantage that I don't know much? I can just jump in and see what I really like? Here's what I do like: Bass, Newcastle, Guinness (though I don't drink it that often and when I do it is usually as a black & tan). Harp is good if I'm in the mood for that type of beer. The beers of choice at a lot of the parties I attend are Shiner Bock and PBR and I like those fine, I mean, they are okay. If I had to choose an American beer, I'd probably just go with Miller High Life. I've tried Stella and it is okay. I didn't love it but I didn't spit it out. I don't seem to be fond of Beck's or St. Pauli Girl either - are they the same type as Stella? I've never found a micro brew that I like. Anyway, I feel so sheltered when it comes to beer and I'm looking to branch out a bit. I'm in Nashville and I'm headed to Texas (Austin) in March so if there's anything down that way to look for let me know. Any thoughts to guide me on my way?

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