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My braised/pot roasted beef/pork roasts always come out dry, hard


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My braised/pot roasted beef/pork roasts always come out dry, hard

LavenderPeony | Aug 8, 2010 03:16 PM

Hi there!

Been browsing Chowhound posts for the last year but this is my first time joining and posting! Excited to be part of this cool community. ; ) I only started cooking at home full-time for the last year or so. So, a lot of the intricacies of cooking techniques are new to me.

Sorry... this is a bit long... I'm new to all this!

I need help with braising/pot roasting... badly! (Is there a difference between the terms, BTW? It seems that oven roast/pot roast is used interchangeably as well. All so confusing for a newbie!!) I've already done a search on Chowhound for tips to help me but felt that I really need some personalized advice... hope you all don't mind.

I've attempted either a beef or pork roast almost once a week for the last couple of months and they never turn out right. I can manage to get portions of each roast to come out well, but not the entire piece of meat.

Right now, I have a 2.5 lb chunk of pork loin sitting in the fridge. This is a recipe I've tried 3 times now with beef chuck roasts: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Pakistan.... I looove the flavour of it so thought I'd try it with my pork loin.

This is the process I usually go through, cooking it in a pot: season with salt/pepper; brown on all sides; pour in liquid of choice, covering up to half of meat; cover and bring to a boil; turn heat down to a rolling simmer; let simmer for 2-3 hours... during this time I will open the lid to rotate the meat to different sides several times. Then, I serve it right away.

I'm suspecting these are the reasons for my failures:
- the cheap, thin-bottomed pot I'm using
- the heat is too high... but I have no idea how much of a simmer it's supposed to have?
- not cooking long enough... but I'm also afraid of overcooking
- shouldn't be lifting the lid to rotate the meat

ANY advice would be much appreciated by this newbie!


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