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Bourdain & Zimmern local Asian Moonshine


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Bourdain & Zimmern local Asian Moonshine

Midlife | Jul 15, 2008 01:52 PM

This may belong on the Wine board or Not About Food, but I think posters here would be more familiar with the product I'm asking about.

For those of you who have partaken of such things............ I've wondered what some of the local Asian presumably rice-based hooch these guys wind up having to embibe might taste like. They all seem to be clear, distilled products, often shown in large jars often with various reptilian inhabitants visible.

My own experience with such things is limited to Maotai (which I've read is sorghum-based) that I've had in Taiwan many times. It's some of the strongest alocohol I've ever tried and it tastes more like what I'd imagine turpentine might taste like than any acoholic beverage I've experienced. When I see Bourdain and Zimmern doing shots of stuff that looks like that I just wonder what it's like.

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