Just Bought a Brand New Le Creuset...


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Just Bought a Brand New Le Creuset...

BrookBoy | Apr 1, 2007 05:10 PM

...8 quart Oval French Oven, purchased at Costco. Brand spanking new... Looks great, and price was right.

So I decide to look it up on the Le Creuset website and I am totally surprised to find that I cannot locate such a product. No eight quart (or 7.5 liter) oval French Ovens anywhere on the website. Others of various sizes, and an 8-quart stockpot (NOT what I purchased), but no 8-quart Oval French Oven.

So I Google the 8 Quart Le Creuset French Oven. Again, not a single hit. Well, actually, a lot of hits, but nothing that leads to an actual 8-quart Oval French Oven by Le Creuset.

I checked the box the Le Creuset came in again, and it certainly says 8 quart oval French Oven. I looked at the nifty little Le Creuset orange booklet that came with the product, and it is generic, no mention of specific products.

Can anyone offer me some advice on this? Does Le Creuset make a line that is offered only to Costco, for example? Have they just introdued a new size that isn't yet online? Or might I be dealing with a counterfeit product?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated...


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