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Boston Globe Review [on Angela's - moved from Boston board]

admiralackbar | Feb 27, 200805:55 PM

I read the globe's review on Angela's cafe today and while I cannot say I have had the pleasure of eating there, I do not really understand how they recieved 3 stars. I find that the way the globe awards stars is a little irresponsible & hard to take seriously. Although the food at Angela's may be excellent, an establishment that recieves 3 stars should be accountable for ambiance, crystal, presentation etc. I made a point of looking up Angela's on line and it def is not a 3 star looking establishment. I read both the nyt & globe reviews every week and I think the new york times does a great job on ranking and maybe the globe should look for direction there. Basically my point is how can Angela's cafe and No 9 park both have recieved 3 stars. Just so everyone understands, I am in no way bashing Angelas cafe, just using their review as an example.

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