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Boiled lobster served with ketchup/catsup??


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Boiled lobster served with ketchup/catsup??

Morganna | Aug 27, 2007 07:36 AM

I was watching a show I normally enjoy a great deal, Rick Stein's Food Heroes which is basically this chef/food writer going around the UK in search of fresh produce/meats/foods that are available to encourage people to explore their own regions and use fresh foods in cooking.

During one of these shows, he was talking about boiled lobster, can't remember the context exactly, but he said something about all it needs is butter to be delightful, but not served with ketchup, "Like the Americans do".

I was flabbergasted. I have never known anyone anywhere here in the US who served ketchup with their lobster (I've had lobster in Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Alaska, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, and probably some other places I'm not recalling). Not even cocktail sauce like you get some some shrimp cocktails was included in any lobster meal I've ever had.

This got me wondering... ARE there places in the US where they serve ketchup with lobster? Any of you ever heard of such?

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