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Boiled eggs and gas/bloating

DebinD | Feb 23, 201203:51 PM

I'm not sure if this is the right place but you guys are the most knowledgeable food chemistry people I know. In a nut shell -when I eat boiled eggs I get horrible, painful gas. But when I eat scrambled eggs (in the microwave) I don't.

I found this answer online:
<i>when an egg is boiled in it's shell there is no where for the gasses to escape. The frying of an egg is done outside of the shell(generally anyway) allowing the gases to leave. Not so in a boiled egg. they are all trapped inside and released when you ingest them. I chop mine up and add butter, salt and pepper and heat in the microwave. Wa la not so much burping and STUFF</i>

but it doesn't ring true to me.

Anyone have any other ideas? (Not to mention suggestions to relieve the gas pain/pressure)

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