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using an already boiled carcass for stock?


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using an already boiled carcass for stock?

ramonasaur | Oct 31, 2011 07:09 PM

i just made chicken stock, or maybe it's soup -- either way my g will be eating it with noodles tomorrow night -- using a 3-lb whole chicken, the usual vegetables browned in a little bacon fat, and a piece of kombu. i simmered it until it fell apart, more than an hour, then pulled the bird out and shredded the meat.

my question is: may i freeze the already boiled bones and/or skin for future stock, or throw them back into the strained liquid and cook them for a million more hours to release the jello, or have they already given me all they can? i've only read about using roasted or raw carcasses.

commence getting bossy about stock, soup, the distinctions between them, the insults i am committing against chicken, etc. i know i'm probably doing it wrong, and i love to be schooled about cooking. (for real.)

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