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Boil water in cast iron removes a few layers of season?

Berticus | Oct 6, 200903:56 AM

I bought a new Lodge cast iron skillet not too long ago and have been trying to build up a few good layers of seasoning. I use Crisco and leave it in the oven for 30 minutes at 250 degrees, wipe away the excess shortening, and then put it back in the oven for another 30 minutes.

I'm still bulding up layers, so I decided I would bacon each morning for a couple of days. Then a few days ago I decided to try frying eggs in it, although after I fried bacon. The eggs slid right off.

Last night, I roasted some cauliflower in olive oil and mustard. Instead of just wiping it down like I usually did, I boiled some water, and then wiped it clean. This morning while frying bacon, it stuck like crazy. Needless to say, the eggs weren't sliding anymore. Right after I cooked, I found that I was able to scrape off the egg remains with relative easy.

So I was wondering, did boil water in my cast iron screw everything up? I usually wipe away the oil for clean up with a towel. But when boiling water, I used a luffah sponge (one from a luffah farm, not the synthetic ones you get in a drug store). I read it wasn't uncommon for tough jobs, and it makes sense it would remove a few layers, but it seems odd it would remove so many layers.

Do people usually re-season after boiling water in it?

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