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boca negra mishap


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boca negra mishap

klumppilston | Sep 13, 2004 06:43 PM

Husband's birthday was on Friday, and he said he wanted something involving chocolate, so I pulled out my Baking with Julia and decided on the Boca Negra recipe. While the taste turned out to be fabulous, it lacks a bit structurally, and I'm wondering what I did wrong. Has anyone else made this?

First, it says to heat the sugar and bourbon together until the sugar dissolves and the mixture comes to a full boil. I couldn't get the sugar to dissolve completely, but it did come to a boil, so I gave up after a while and used it as it was. It didn't seem to hurt the texture in the end, but it was a little strange.

The real problem came when taking it out of the oven; the recipe stresses that it be baked for EXACTLY 30 minutes, so I took it out then, but I'm not entirely sure it was done. Then, it says to invert the cake onto a plate of some kind, then re-invert it onto a serving platter. It implies that this should be done immediately after taking it out of the oven, which I thought rather odd, but we did it anyway. Of course, it didn't hold up terribly well, but oozed all over the place. Even after it cooled, the really oozy parts never did set up properly, so we stuck the whole thing in the freezer and have been eating it frozen. No complaints there, either, but I'd like to know what it should have looked like. Should I have baked it longer? Cooled it in the pan before trying to get it out? It tastes so good that I'd like to do it again, but it does make a terrible mess...

And the white chocolate cream, while wonderful, is totally unnecessary. Next time, I'll just use plain whipped cream spiked with a little booze.

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