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greygarious | Sep 24, 2012 06:24 AM

In searching, I found that the only other thread by this title was a few years ago and on the Chicago board. Now that the brand is offered more widely (I'm in the Boston area), I'd like to give it more exposure. This past spring, a short TV ad mentioned BB's Red Velvet cake Ice cream. Intrigued, I tried and liked it. It is one of several "Ace of Cakes" flavors in the BB line. I later tried the Carrot Cake version but did not like that one. As in the package picture, the cake is pale tan and fine-textured. it tastes like mild spice cake. No bits or taste of carrot or pineapple or raisin or coconut.
I've tried other flavors and loved them, especially Bordeaux Cherry with Chocolate bits (has cherry amaretto ice cream). Most recently, I tried their Sweet Freedom line, which is Splenda-sweetened, no sugar added light ice cream, so lower in fat and sugar, less than half the calories of regular BB.
Not many SF flavors available. I got the Banana Split. It's outstanding. Texture is creamy and dense, and I did not detect the boozy finish that Splenda can have. The ingredient list is replete with gums and other magic elixirs but the end result is very impressive, if not in the wheelhouse of the

BB also makes novelties like cones and IC sandwiches, which I have not tried. The 54oz "half gallon" container is a bit more generous than the 48oz typical in other national brands, and since the container is plastic, not waxed cardboard, I find there are no off flavors from the freezer, and there seem to be fewer ice crystals in the 2 weeks it takes me to finish off a container.

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