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Blowing Cappuccino & Other Bizarre Food Habits to Annoy Your Mother

charliemyboy | Aug 21, 200911:43 AM

As I wiped foam off my face at my local Peet’s Coffees I wondered what strange food habits other Chowhounds might have. Here’s mine—

The first cappuccinos I tasted were at a place that made them by pouring the foam in first, then drizzling the espresso in a circular motion over the foam so that the foam became infused with espresso. I really liked the taste of espresso-infused foam and was disappointed when I could no longer get my cappuccinos made that way.

I have devised a technique for infusing the foam in my cappuccino with espresso. I order the drink dry so that I get only foam, no milk. I like the contrast of the straight espresso with the sweet creamy foam so I alternate sips of espresso with tastes of foam. After the espresso has gotten diluted with milk I switch to infusing the foam with the remaining espresso. I do this by taking the espresso into my mouth and blowing it out hard along the lower side of the tilted cup so that the espresso hits the bottom of the cup with enough force that it rebounds into the foam and gets mixed with it.

Done correctly I end up with nicely infused foam that I much prefer to foam on top of milk-laden espresso. Unfortunately it’s tricky to get it right and I sometimes end up blowing cappuccino back out of the cup over my face and sometimes onto my shirt. My craving for the infusion is greater than my fear of looking foolish but after a couple of embarrassments I have learned to only attempt this maneuver if no one I know is present.

I would be interested in hearing of other Chowhounds’ bizarre food habits, especially if they involve irresistible craving, risk of embarrassment and/or unusual food manipulation techniques!

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